• Local By Flywheel + WP CLI

    At the time of writing this article – I am referring to Local version 6.1.2 – on Mac OS. Local by flywheel is a fantastic tool for quick WordPress development. However running CLI commands on WP CLI requires you to right click and open site ssh (on Mac OS). To remedy this there is a two step process – i would suggest doing this at the very start of creating your project as this allows you to quickly use wp cli right from the command line. Firstly – you need wp-cli installed globally. If you’re on a mac use Homebrew […]

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  • Mardi Trip – 2021

    Mardi Trip – 2021

    In the summer of 2021 – we decided to take a little break – a year of the pandemic had really taken its toll on the minds of my fello w comrades and myself. So we decided it was time for some long deserved R&R session. Well the R&R stands for a rest and relaxation – but we’ll get back to that later. Leaving Kathmandu So on the Occassion of the Nepali New Year 2078 – we decided to go to Mardi. Here I attempt to recollect the journey.We left from Kathmandu on Bike on the 31st of Chaitra on […]

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  • My paranoid thoughts on COVID-19

    First of all this isn’t a how to stay safe post. This isn’t about social distancing, washing your hands and clothes, coughing on your shoulder, properly wearing masks posts on COVID-19, it’s best your refer to WHO for that. And please do. Facts are important. This is going to be me – rambling on about COVID-19 and it’s current state in Nepal.  At thee time of writing this (March 21, 2020) or (८ चैत २०७६), Nepal has gone into semi-lockdown and Lord behold panic has ensued. But that’s not the reason i started putting pen to paper, or i guess […]

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  • To A New Adventure

    Today – after a lot of consideration – I am happy to say I am officially joining the team at CodeManas as a partner and co-owner. I have been freelancing for a bit now – and the life of a freelancer I have found is a bit lonely. I used to think I was a loner – but – turns out I like people around me – who knew. So – it’s good to get back together with some old friends. We are very excited about the new world we are about to head out into – and all the […]

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  • Understanding the Arrow function ( in javascript )

    Understanding the Arrow function ( in javascript )

    Why was the arrow function created ? As you may know that the arrow function was added to ES6. Why was this added though ? To solve two things. 1. Shorter function declarations 2. to solve the “this” problem 1. Shorter function is self evident: Lets take simple array manipulation. The map() method creates a new array with the results of calling a provided function on every element in the calling array Example A: Let us find the sqaure root of a given list of numbers var listofNumbers = [4,9,25]; console.log(listofNumbers.map(Math.sqrt)); //[2,3,5] In fact to lessen any possible confusion for […]

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  • True colors

    At the height of the nakabandhi, I was returning from work, in front of my home, I saw this man being dragged across the street. Bloodied, unable to move. It was winter, maybe January i dont remember. Naturally as people do. They gathered around. What followed next was hard to watch. Instead of helping the poor guy. They started hurling abuse at him. Why? Because he was a “madhesi”. After a while everyone left, ofcourse they would, after all, it was winter. This man was left their, in the cold, bloodied, drunk, half conscious. I couldnt do it. I couldn’t […]

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  • WooCommerce 2 Step Checkout


    Right, new year (nepali), new tutorial. We’re going to be taking a dive into a custom WooCommerce Multistep Checkout. If you rather just see the code then here or here is good 😀 The Scenario: So here’s what I want to do, create a 2 – step checkout. First Step: The User Fills in their user details Second Step: The User reviews their order and completes payment. For simplicity sake, this tutorial won’t go beyond that. We won’t be covering, changing user details once they enter the second step because well that’s just too much to cover. Modifying the template: […]

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  • Retina Ready Logo WordPress Hack

    Retina Ready is the new normal. With phones, screens and everything else a high DPI screen is now the new normal. WordPress makes it very easy these days, with the use of srcset for images. The one exception being , the WordPress logo. Or, to be more precise the WordPress Custom Logo. So what i did was, kind of hackish. But effective none the less. What i did was , the image needed to be displayed as 250*90 px . So I added created the logo in 2x dimensions i.e (500 * 180) px, added an image size of 250 * […]

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  • WordPress Kathmandu Meetup

    WordPress Kathmandu Meetup

    Salutations one and all, Saturday the 25th of Feb 2017, mark the date. I’m very excited about this. I am collaborating with long time mentor and friend Rakesh Lawaju . See details here https://www.facebook.com/events/1807154016273998/  . We’ll be talking about Javascript templating in WordPress and I personally am hoping you guys will come and share the experience with us. The more the merrier. The event details are all on the FB link i shared this one

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  • Digthis Filter Hooks

    https://wordpress.org/plugins/digthis-action-filters/ Ever had that feeling where you hook into and action or a filter and for some reason your code isn’t working? well 9 / 10 the reason is your hook is in a lower priority(in case of filters) and it can simply be determined by searching through the code for that particular filer? Seems, a tedious amount of time doesn’t it? I’ve created a plugin for just that reason, it lists all hooks and filters and allows you to search through them to see whats being hooked. To do this i’ve used a helper class from Query Monitor where […]

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