Understanding the Arrow function ( in javascript )

Why was the arrow function created ? As you may know that the arrow function was added to ES6. Why was this added though ? To solve two things. 1. Shorter function declarations 2. to solve the “this” problem 1. Shorter function is self evident: Lets take simple array manipulation. The map() method creates a…(Continue Reading)

WordPress Kathmandu Meetup

Salutations one and all, Saturday the 25th of Feb 2017, mark the date. I’m very excited about this. I am collaborating with long time mentor and friend Rakesh Lawaju . See details here https://www.facebook.com/events/1807154016273998/  . We’ll be talking about Javascript templating in WordPress and I personally am hoping you guys will come and share the experience with us.…(Continue Reading)

Remove Action Hooks and Filters defined in classes.

In my previous post, i explained and walked through the process of removing actions from Hooks and Filters. In this post I will cover how to un-hook action and filters that have been defined in classes. Firstly lets cover the singleton class a very popular way of defining plugins in WordPress environment. A singleton class…(Continue Reading)