WooCommerce 2 Step Checkout

Right, new year (nepali), new tutorial. We’re going to be taking a dive into a custom WooCommerce Multistep Checkout. If you rather just see the code then here or here is good 😀 The Scenario: So here’s what I want to do, create a 2 – step checkout. First Step: The User Fills in their … Continue reading “WooCommerce 2 Step Checkout”

Retina Ready Logo WordPress Hack

Retina Ready is the new normal. With phones, screens and everything else a high DPI screen is now the new normal. WordPress makes it very easy these days, with the use of srcset for images. The one exception being , the WordPress logo. Or, to be more precise the WordPress Custom Logo. So what i did … Continue reading “Retina Ready Logo WordPress Hack”

WordPress Kathmandu Meetup

Salutations one and all, Saturday the 25th of Feb 2017, mark the date. I’m very excited about this. I am collaborating with long time mentor and friend Rakesh Lawaju . See details here https://www.facebook.com/events/1807154016273998/  . We’ll be talking about Javascript templating in WordPress and I personally am hoping you guys will come and share the experience with us. … Continue reading “WordPress Kathmandu Meetup”

Digthis Filter Hooks

https://wordpress.org/plugins/digthis-action-filters/ Ever had that feeling where you hook into and action or a filter and for some reason your code isn’t working? well 9 / 10 the reason is your hook is in a lower priority(in case of filters) and it can simply be determined by searching through the code for that particular filer? Seems, … Continue reading “Digthis Filter Hooks”