Understanding The WordPress Template Hierarchy

Template Hierarchy: 1)      Which template files will WordPress use when it displays a certain type of page? The General Idea WordPress uses the Query String — information contained within each link on your web site — to decide which template or set of templates will be used to display the page. First, WordPress matches every Query String […]

How to use PHP Data in your Javascript files for WordPress

WordPress makes it spectacularly easy to transfer data to you javascript files if you’re unfamiliar with enqueuing scripts then please refer to my previous post. Here it goes then. Say you want to do something “fancy” like ajax calls from you js files. I’m starting to get a little off point here right now i’d […]

Correctly Enqueuing Styles and Scripts in WordPress

Understand how to and more importantly why to register and enqueue your scripts and stylesheets in wordpress. If you do that then you’ll begin to understand the power and ease with which you can do much more creative things and create interactive webpages