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What do i do ?

I drink coffee.
I build WordPress Plugins and Themes.

The Plugins I make:

CM Blocks is a plugin that provides additional WordPress blocks for enhancing the design and functionality of your WordPress site. It offers a variety of custom blocks that can be used to create more dynamic and engaging content without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Typesense is an open-source, typo-tolerant search engine that’s designed to deliver fast and relevant search results. It’s particularly useful for applications where search performance and accuracy are critical, such as e-commerce sites, documentation search, and real-time search applications. Integrating Typesense with your WordPress site can significantly enhance the search experience for your users.

Preview E-mails for WooCommerce is a tool that allows you to preview and customize the emails that WooCommerce sends to your customers. This is particularly useful for ensuring that your email templates are consistent with your branding and provide the necessary information to your customers.

The premier Video Conferencing application for WordPress. It seamless integrates WordPress to Zoom to allow users to initiate Zoom Meetings/Webinars from their WP website.
Along with the free version Codemanas offers various e-commerce solutions to allow users to monetize meetings/webinars.