Issues with WooCommerce Order Table

I have a very popular plugin for WooCommerce

It’s used by over 30k users in the world.

Recently, we’ve encountered an issue with the new segmentation of WooCommerce orders.

To facilitate order searches by order ID, I attempted to enable users to search using the order ID. However, I discovered that not all WooCommerce orders have been migrated to the new “shop_orders” table. New orders appear in the “shop_orders” table, but older orders remain in the “posts” table with the post type “shop_order.”

While I could write code to:

  1. Search the “shop_orders” table first.
  2. If not found, search the “posts” table for the post type “shop_order.”

This approach could cause performance issues.

Therefore, starting from version 2.2.11, users will need to manually enter the correct order ID to preview the email. This means that the search functionality will be temporarily disabled. Note: you will still be able to select other orders than the 10 most recent one, but the exact order id must be provided.

Once WooCommerce improves the order ID search functionality, I will reintroduce this feature.

For now, we have to make do with this workaround. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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