The mother, The sons, The daughters and The vulture

Article Originally Written and Published by Ujjwal Upreti

Long ago at the times of yore there lived a mother with her sons and daughters they had shaped the moments of splendor, sculpted the instant of bliss and lived merrily Down by the next village there stood the woods where lived an old vulture who always waited out of the blue, one day the vultured whispered to the sons and daughters that they did not love their mother On that painful note the sons were stunned and the daughters became upset,They feared each other fear that the other brothers and the sisters loved the mother more than they did To bear out the vulture wrong they decided to share share their mother just to love the mother more The son clutched her limbs and ripped off her legs, they tore it apart held it in reserve for themselves the daughters beheaded her andcut off her hands made a garland out of it they were glad and and felt glorified for they possessed the pious remaining of their mother with the bits that they got hold of, they decided to worship the pieces for the rest of their lives Finally, all that was left was the heart!! Vulture was happy to devour the mother’s heart!!

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