• Local By Flywheel + WP CLI

    At the time of writing this article – I am referring to Local version 6.1.2 – on Mac OS. Local by flywheel is a fantastic tool for quick WordPress development. However running CLI commands on WP CLI requires you to right click and open site ssh (on Mac OS). To remedy this there is a two step process – i would suggest doing this at the very start of creating your project as this allows you to quickly use wp cli right from the command line. Firstly – you need wp-cli installed globally. If you’re on a mac use Homebrew […]

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  • Mardi Trip – 2021

    Mardi Trip – 2021

    In the summer of 2021 – we decided to take a little break – a year of the pandemic had really taken its toll on the minds of my fello w comrades and myself. So we decided it was time for some long deserved R&R session. Well the R&R stands for a rest and relaxation – but we’ll get back to that later. Leaving Kathmandu So on the Occassion of the Nepali New Year 2078 – we decided to go to Mardi. Here I attempt to recollect the journey.We left from Kathmandu on Bike on the 31st of Chaitra on […]

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  • To A New Adventure

    Today – after a lot of consideration – I am happy to say I am officially joining the team at CodeManas as a partner and co-owner. I have been freelancing for a bit now – and the life of a freelancer I have found is a bit lonely. I used to think I was a loner – but – turns out I like people around me – who knew. So – it’s good to get back together with some old friends. We are very excited about the new world we are about to head out into – and all the […]

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