To A New Adventure

Today – after a lot of consideration – I am happy to say I am officially joining the team at CodeManas as a partner and co-owner.

I have been freelancing for a bit now – and the life of a freelancer I have found is a bit lonely. I used to think I was a loner – but – turns out I like people around me – who knew. So – it’s good to get back together with some old friends.

We are very excited about the new world we are about to head out into – and all the trials that may come our way.

I can’t say much more at the moment but I just wanted to put my thoughts into words and let the whole world know, that the team at CodeManas is locked and loaded, and ready to roll.

We have a lot of things planned out – and hopefully you will all join me in this journey.

Please do visit us at CodeManas , please checkout our theme(s) and plugin(s).

Your feedback and love – would be much appreciated.


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