Retina Ready Logo WordPress Hack

Retina Ready is the new normal.

With phones, screens and everything else a high DPI screen is now the new normal. WordPress makes it very easy these days, with the use of srcset for images.

The one exception being , the WordPress logo. Or, to be more precise the WordPress Custom Logo.

So what i did was, kind of hackish. But effective none the less.

What i did was , the image needed to be displayed as 250*90 px .

  • So I added created the logo in 2x dimensions i.e (500 * 180) px,
  • added an image size of 250 * 90
  • uploaded the 2x image (500 * 90)
  • and once done removed my image size of 250 * 90 (dont need it once the task is done )

Doing this in conjuction with using the default WordPress custom_logo customizer feature enabled me to add a Retina ready logo to my site.

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